What we do

AMENDT COMPUTERS will diagnose any problems your desktop tower or notebook/laptop is having for $80 Re-install the Operating Systems and get you up a running for $200. Interesting is how some of the more well known computer repair centers not only will misdiagnose a problem, but also charge quite a bit of money for that kind of service as well. Customers tell me about shops that charge fifty to seventy five dollars for just evaluating the system problem. Take a look at this video and you can see what I mean. King Arthur also has 20 years of service/repair experience in this fast paced industry. Whether you have a cracked screen on your notebook or a virus on your desktop, King Arthur has the expertise to take care of these and most any other problem you are faced with, at a price that is fair. I also talk to customers about the bigger picture in their computing world and try and offer advice on making things work easier, safer, and more productive if possible. This type of service I feel is very important today, especially with the vast amount and types of virus's, malware, and people trying to hijack your computer and gain your personal information. The main computer problem brought in today is definitely systems infected with malware (spy-ware, crap-ware). Usually by the time the machine gets to me though, it has a lot more than just one or two small instances. Making these systems run better than new is not a major operation after doing it hundreds of times and being a perfectionist. My main concern today is making sure our customers understand, and take appropriate measures after they pick their system back up, so they shouldn't be needing to bring it back in after a few months with the same or similar problem. The Internet is totally out of control. . If you are running a computer with any version of Microsoft Windows, including their newest Windows 7. Today you absolutely have to have all the pieces of the puzzle in place for your family, and business computers to be considered "protected". There are several parts to consider, and I would like to make sure you know what they are and your options.

The answer to this giant of a problem for my family, our business, and millions of other individuals, schools, government agencies, small and large businesses around the world is converting from Microsoft Windows based systems to using Linux. The advantages are numerous including the lack of corruption problems described above and not having your computer slow to a crawl like I see being brought in time after time. Linux/Open Source software is great. Two of the most well known are Firefox and OpenOffice.org. It's just a matter of getting used to programs with different names to do the same things you have been doing on Windows. And it just flat out makes using a computer fun again. I have easy to get started guides and tons of resources available to start enjoying the greatest operating system in the world. Amendt Computers is the only company in our area that does such conversions. Again, it's all about the money, and most computer sales and service companies need Microsoft Windows and their products for their bottom line. I can Backup/save your data, pictures, music, etc. from your existing system. Next, remove Microsoft Windows and install Ubuntu Linux. Then put all your Pictures, etc. back onto your new system. Provide you with a multitude of easy to follow documentation and technical support to get you off and running. It you have a Microsoft Windows program that you absolutely need to run for yourself or your business I can set that up to work as well. Another way you can get started on the road to freedom is having a system with both Ubuntu and Windows installed on the same hard drive and having the option when you turn on your computer which one you want to use at that moment. Just give a call if you would like a demonstration and/or more information on how this, and/or other scenarios could work for you, your family, home office, or small business. Also, please visit www.ubuntu.com and/or just Google Ubuntu.

  • Come by for coffee and pick-up an Ubuntu "Live" CD that let's you try out and actually use Ubuntu on your own computer without installing anything. Other desktop and notebook repair/services offered:analyze and upgrade existing system performance
  • in-shop data recovery from semi-failed/corrupted hard drives
  • hardware recommendations for do-it-yourselfers
  • in-shop secure wireless network support/setup
  • complete parts inventory: memory, power supplies, etc.
  • increase protection/performance on new systems from Dell, HP, etc.
  • install security/antivirus software for windows systems
  • clean inside of computer to prevent overheating
  • resolve Windows errors and start-up problems
  • transfer your data from one system to another
  • downgrade systems from Vista to XP
  • replace broken notebook/laptop LCD screens
  • repair/replace all PC brand notebook/laptop parts